Send Amanda a Birthday Greeting!

Send Amanda a Birthday Greeting!

Send Amanda a Birthday Greeting!

From the Official Amanda Tapping Website. Don’t miss out on this and send your birthday greeting today!

And finally, Amanda’s Birthday is coming up next month. So – as is our annual tradition and has been so for the last 10 years (yes, we first started it in 1999!), I am inviting you to send Birthday Greetings for Amanda. Some things you should remember about:

1. Your message has to be written and addressed TO AMANDA. Please do not write anything of the “could you wish Amanda happy birthday?” sort. I will not be rephrasing your messages.

2. You have to refrain from asking any questions. This is a birthday card of sorts, not an interview. Any questions you might ask in your letter (e.g. “What will happen in Sanctuary’s season 2?” will be deleted).

3. Please go through your letter / message before you send it out. Please remember to use capital letters. Any online / mobile phrases such as “u” or “cu” will be changed to full words. If you wish to save me some work, please write in full English. Your names and with no exceptions Amanda’s name have to be capitalised. If you are not English and do not speak/write English as your first language, it is understandable that you can make some mistakes, but capital letters you need to remember about.

4. No images this year. I am sorry, but it tends to cause considerable problems with formatting when all the greetings are put together.

5. Deadline is: AUGUST 22, 2009. I will start working on the actual pages on August 23, 2009.

6. Send an email to Type “Amanda’s Birthday 2009″ in its subject line.

7. Finally, I reserve the right to refuse a message to be included in the greetings. These would usually involve rude language, inappropriate comments or a user/visitor being disrespectful. This has happened very rarely in the past, however, so do not worry!

8. Have fun!

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  • Amanda Fan
    June 24, 2011 | Permalink |

    Happy Birthday Amanda, I hope you have a good one, keep rockin’ you’re amazing!

    kind regards
    a big fan

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