Tapping On Her Amazing Balancing Act For Sanctuary

Tapping On Her Amazing Balancing Act For Sanctuary

Tapping On Her Amazing Balancing Act For Sanctuary

Perhaps amongst the most popular women in science fiction right now is Amanda Tapping. For years Tapping has had a loyal following for her role in Stargate SG 1, and much of that following went with her when she took on the multifaceted role of producer/director and lead actor in the hit Syfy series Sanctuary.

Tapping who produces and plays the lead role of Monster loving Dr. Helen Magnus in Sanctuary recently told SciFi Wire that she’d be directing the seventh episode of the new season, which is titled Veritas, and was more than game to rise to the challenge.

“It was an appropriate episode for me to direct; I think that they must have planned it that way,” Tapping said in an exclusive interview. “It was perhaps [director and executive producer] Martin’s [Wood] way of torturing me.”

Written by Alan McCullough, Varitas sees the normally sane and aloof Helen Magnus slowly descend into insanity and follows her as she goes slowly nuts.

“I guess I felt like I was going a little crazy,” Tapping said with a laugh. “I kept thinking, ‘Am I nuts wanting to direct this?’ I didn’t want to mess it up. It’s about Magnus going crazy, going completely off the rail.”

Tappings first journey into directing was SG-1’s “Resurrection. Which proved a valuable learning experience for her, and in a way paved the way for her Sanctuary episode.

Wood said he would let her direct every other episode if he could. “She does some incredible work, and I find that her style is very close to mine,” he said.

The original plan was for Tapping to helm a Magnus-light storyline, but as the filming grew closer, the focus on her character grew. “We forced her to do perhaps one of the hardest things to do, because if she was just playing her character regularly, it would have been easy, but this time she had to lose it, and she was doing it without supervision,” Wood said. “No one was telling her if it was far enough or too far, or how much she should push it.”

Source: Sci-Fi Pulse

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