Tapping In for an Alien Adventure

Tapping In For An Alien Adventure

Tapping In For An Alien Adventure

For someone who never intended to work in the TV industry and wasn’t overly interested in sci-fi, Amanda Tapping has made quite an impression.

As hard-nosed heroine Captain Samantha Carter in the cult series STARGATE SG-1, Tapping is now instantly recognisable to millions of sci-fi fans.

But they’re lucky to see her at all.

Tapping won academic awards for both drama and environmental science at high school but pursued the arts, mainly due to her love of theatre.

Television, however, was never on the agenda during those early years.

“I had this very idealistic attitude that I would never prostitute myself for my art,” Tapping said.

“But as it turned out, my first addition was for a TV commercial and once I got my first pay cheque, I thought, “This isn’t so bad after all”.

While a long list of theatre achievements followed, so too did TV roles, with guest appearances on THE X-FILES, DUE SOUTH, and US series FLASH FORWARD. Then came a successful audition for STARGATE SG-1, resulting in a sci-fi crash course for the English-born, Canadian based actor.

“I wasn’t a huge fan of the genre — I was more into drama and comedy,” Tapping admitted.

“But I certainly appreciate the long reach this genre has. Sci-fi fans are so ardent and very sophisticated when it comes to knowing their topic.”

With violence on TV a hot topic in the US, Tapping was thoughtful when asked if she was comfortable with the amount and context of violence on STARGATE.

“We haven’t received any fallout but it is something we talk about,” she said. “I’m comfortable with it because we spend a lot of time carrying the storyline further and it’s something i’m wary of in that the only answer shouldn’t always be to just blow those baddies away.”

It is, perhaps, one reason why she is keen to continually develop Carter.

“I want Carter to continue to evolve, I want her to be accessible to the audience,” Tapping said.

And what’s in store for STARGATE’s theoretical astrophysicist?

“We have Carter open up further personally,” Tapping said. “Something huge happens to her and it forces her to look at things with a much wider view.”

Source: TV Extra by Jeremy Wilshire

Used with permission from: www.amandatapping.com

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